Pena Patriot 2010

Writings of a patriot OR the patriot's pen - a story of a young man, learning about life from a novelist, whose life is shattered with the death of his wife. Together, they both learn about love, sacrifice and life.

The drama was written in commemoration of the 26th National Day Celebration of Brunei. Usually TV dramas, broadcasted in RTB for the occasion, revolves around the military spirit, community spirit which translates to the same drama stereotypes. So MMQ engaged Mr. Hj. Mokhtar to write a drama that focuses on specific characters and themes rather than have blatant nationalistic messages in an obvious manner.

Due to constraints in terms of time and creative differences with RTB, the drama will be done to the best of what MMQ can offer, considering limitations in terms of budget and time.

The drama will be broadcasted on RTB Channels on the 23rd of February 2010.

Written by Hj. Mahathir Hj. Mokhtar for MMQ Mediaworks Brunei.

Production and post production in process.
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