Corporate Videos@MMQ Mediaworks

Corporate video is an important marketing tool to all companies as it allows their clients to understand the services that they are providing simply by watching a 5 to10 minute video.

Hence, it is crucial that a company's corporate video be designed to meet its marketing goal. At MMQ Mediaworks, we offer comprehensive services in developing your corporate video.

Final product available in:

* CDRom for PC
* miniDV Cassette
* DigiBeta
* SP Betacam
* DVCPro Tape
* VHS Tape



* Understanding company's business goals
* Video content design and conceptualization
* Script preparation


* Professional lightings and video filming


* Professional voice-over (narration)
* Sound-room recording
* Music Incorporation


* Digital Video editing
* Digital Image editing
* Animation of Client's Logo
* 3D visualisation (for process demonstration or effects)
* Super Graphics


* Compilation of video into required media
* Media label / cover artwork design and printing
* DVD / VCD replication and packaging for distribution

Big files to transfer? dont fret...

Kalau ada files yang basar2 kan ditransfer eg. video etc. Try to use this sites, some free some not. Just beware of security, as usual. For more info on the best online backup site..visit here its updated on a daily basis.

Problemnya espeed di brunei atu tersangatlah laju. But i already tried using send6, mengantar video size around 85mb arah si hjh. Upload dari singapore ok plang, but downloadnya yg masalah. atu kan kami pakai espeed udah albeit yang 512k.hehe

So try the following... problematic (as usual by microsoft)

and lots more...


Life long learning

We are still in the process of learning and what does'nt kill us, makes us stronger. We always look forward to advice, inputs, articles, seminars, forums, talkback, gossip...anything that can enhance and develop the broadcasting industry in Brunei.

For now, those who like to see drama production crews here as well as the important aspects of drama production.

2009 coming soon. Have you planned anything for 2009?

ABM production day18

Continuing our production for the school scene. Its nice to have this experience before we go into the boys production next year. Looking good, looking good.

ABM Production...day17

A new experience not just for us but for the young talents; read students. This will be our basis for the next project which is in the pipeline.Hopefully we can find the talents to play the characters, along with a great story which is more important. We need to main male characters and 4 main female characters. Age around 25 below..student-face. Other evaluations will come into play.

So please send in your recent picture (no cutesy, mobile phone, with sunglasses pls). This is serious. Frontal smiling is ok. We need natural beauty. Its an advantage.

Email us at

MBC Entertainment

Hi there, we are proud to announce the establishment of MBC Entertainment as one of the audio arms under MMQ Mediaworks. We already started production actually in 2004 and now finally we are finalizing the studio construction and equipment as follows. Picture as example.
Along with MBC Entertainment, MMQ Mediaworks collaborates with Isaryan Studios and Attune. We have decided to use the mac os and logic pro for our solutions.

MBC Entertainment. Song composition, musical scores etc. Call us at +6738191455 or email

ABM Production...day15

So far so good. Everything went ahead of schedule, except for our need to use the Steadicam and microDolly which we planned on using in 2009. Anyways, it seems like our effort to combine senior and junior talents for the production blossomed. All fit together like a family. Thats good. Well, people usually give their best when they are happy and here at MMQ, we take care of our talents welfare. You take care of us, we take care of you. Well, empire location...what can i say, as the only 6 star hotel and country club in Brunei, who can blame you for having the feeling of being whisked away abroad.

Our sincerest thanks to are truly the diamond among gems. To experience the empire hotel and country club in Brunei...go here.

Success to ABM and the now to shariff of attune....where is the sens? ;-p. i am waiting.

An interesting visual presentation on the Mac Platform

Rick Young, I stumbled upon his blog or news rather, when he was testing 2 pro cameras from Sony and Panasonic. One of them was broken. Lucky for him insurance got him covered.

Anyway, i find his visuals enlightening and informative.

See him sharing FCP 6 tips and tricks here.

ABM Production...Day 14

Rizqun is a very nice location for us. We like to thank The Rizqun International, especially Yulianto for his kind service and willingness to entertain us. Rizqun is @ Gadong and you can find them here.

We saw Shahrin, who was there with another production house, doing drama as well. It was nice to see our actors doing well. FYI, Shahrin was one of our actors in our first Drama 'Igauan Perwira' - a soldier's dream.

ABM Production...Day 12

Its day 14 already? Wow!! thanks for the support. Dont forget Attune!! So please the sound engineer, where's the sens? hehe

ABM production - Day 10

Thankfully the production has gone well. Just of the pix for your visual pleasure. Pictures are taken using an iPhone 3G, so knowing its 'picture-taking capability', apologies for the quality. Wedding scenes.

Venturing to Shun Li Industrial..worth the trip

Interesting to know that we have more than one. I will be seeing Edward soon.

This is interesting...using a DSlr to shot video

Well, i didnt know about vincent laforet until the hoopla surrounding the video reverie. Still pix below. I can honestly tell you, my first impression was changes were made to the footages in post production ; color, hue etc. BUUUTTT What surprises me, not only the video was unedited in ANY way, but the sheer quality that came from the 5d mkII (albeit using very expensive glasses!!...gotcha). Its excellent.nevertheless, the Canon 5d MkII presented me with the possiblity of having the best of both worlds. Photography AND videography. We were thinking of the getting either the cinemek g35, the highly recommended letus extreme, redrock m2 and many other high quality lens converters. So we can just spend more for the prime lenses.

This versus the sony HZ7P with interchangeble lens..hmmmm..what made me think about the lens converter was the light loss. Some -1/2 light loss, some even go to -2.

The Canon however can shot with prime lens and the iso boosted to even iso3200 as in the examples from reverie; see alex rush red dress shot.

the price was nearly sgd5k here in Singapore. body only. rest assured that the following lenses are needed to get more or the less the same effect; (taken from reverie tech.equip)

EF Lenses used in the making of REVERIE:
FD 7.5mm f/5.6 (converted to EF mount)
EF 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye
EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
EF 50mm f/1.2L USM
EF 85mm f/1.2L II USM
EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM

EF 135mm f/2L USM
EF 200mm f/1.8L USM
EF 400mm f/2.8L IS USM
EF 500mm f/4L IS USM
TS-E 24mm f/3.5L
TS-E 45mm f/2.8

enlighten me on the use of cheaper (not necessarily inferior)sigma or tamron prime lenses...than the canon ones..

read more about vincent rant here and his behind the scene video. 5D mk II specs in US here and Singapore's Canon here.

so..should i get the canon 5dmkII? you know what still bugs me? the 12 minute windows recording on a single..i assume maximum size lexar file. it reminds me of the p2 panasonic cards.

Edited 5th April2009; Unfortunately this came to light. Just food for thought...the shutter mechanism and undue exposure of the sensor to the air.

DSLR is unlike the Videocam where the lens and the sensor are housed in air tight (or close to air tight) compartment where dust don't dirty the interior. The same cannot be said about DSLR because the main feature of the SLR is the interchangeable lens and depending on where the equipment is used, the air in the compartment will be dirtier than the video cam.

Next of course is the shutter mechanism. Everytime the shutter is released, it has to hold it open. Akin to an arm holding the window open, think how long the mechanism will last?

And the above is also due to the usage of live view which shortens the life span of the mechanism too. Live view is a good addition if used sparingly but I find more and more people using it without understanding that it may shorten the life of the product.

Some people might say that's paranoid. As things do spoil if over used or overexposed, putting in the video in just makes maintenance all the more frequent but how many consumers who bought such DSLR actually do maintenance?

There are many things to improve the DSLR but having the video is something for us to think about. I am also sure that Sony is brewing something to ensure that the A800 has HD video capability.

Reference PromoShot for ABM

Day 5 in Production

Its hot, its wet and its been good so far. Every thing went ahead of schedule and hopefully the newly chosen makeup range from PAC (Professional Artistry Cosmetics) will ensure better outlook for the actors and of course more comfortable for them as well.

For more information

We at MMQ Mediaworks just want to make sure that the welfare of our crews and actors are taken care of. We thank you for your support.

We are currently in the planning of making another telemovie for 2009. We hope to hear from you, if you are interested to be in the production side or as a talent. Please email us your COMPLETE biodata and picture (full body and shoulder shot). We are looking for actors of ALL ages, from 2-80 if possible :-). Looking for the next star in Brunei and the world.