Casting call will be announce soon

Assalamualaikum and Hello Bruneians...

Does Brunei got talents? we certainly hope so. Actually we do, its just we know how hard it is to make it in Brunei. Some of the Bruneian talents we discovered are based outside Brunei surprisingly.

So watch this space. Application, FAQs and forms will be downloadable here. SOON!!


Helpful Terminology

CALL TIME - This is the time you are to report for work. You should be in the holding area at this time for check-in.

HOLDING AREA - This is where the extras report for work. Anytime you are not actually working on the set, you must be in the holding area. Please do not make it necessary for
the AD's to go looking for you when they might need you. You could miss your opportunity
in front of the camera.

BASE CAMP - This is where the cast and crew report for work. Basecamp is easily recognized (not in Brunei tho) by the massive trucks and trailers and equipment moving about. Please stay clear of this area.

THE SET or LOCATION - This is where that actual filming will be taking place.

BACKGROUND or EXTRAS or ATMOSPHERE - This is you! A background performer or extra does not speak lines alone. Extras can make crowd noises or be singing in a group, but cannot be scripted.

PANTOMIME or MIME - To act with only facial and bodily movements.

FEATURED EXTRA or SPECIAL EXTRA or SILENT BIT - May be used to describe an extra in a scene who is very recognizable on camera as a character or someone who is interacting directly with a primary actor, but still does not speak.

"QUIET!" - Means quiet. Whenever you are on the set there should be no talking. If you must talk to a production assistant or assistant director, please whisper and only if it is absolutely necessary.

"PICTURE'S UP!" or "STAND BY!" - Means everyone - even crew - must be absolutely quiet, we are about to roll.

"ROLLING!" - Means film is rolling; we are shooting.

"ACTION!" - This cue is usually for the primary actors or "stars" to begin the scene.

"BACKGROUND ACTION!" or sometimes, simplified to "BACKGROUND!" - This is the cue for the extras. Most of the time it will be called immediately before the actors get their "action" cue.

"CUT!" - We have stopped shooting. Wait where you are; where you ended the scene for further instructions.

"BACK TO ONE" or "FIRST POSITION" - The AD is now asking everyone to return to the point where they began the scene; their first position. We will be doing another take. Remember you should do exactly the same thing for each take unless an AD asks you specifically to change something.

"NEW DEAL" - We are ready to move on to another scene or set up. Wait for instructions. You will most likely be directed back to the holding area, but it could be that you need to change your wardrobe for another scene.

1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (AD) - The person running the set; keeping the crew, the actors, and the director on schedule. The 1st AD works closest to the director.

2nd ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (AD) - The person to set up the background in the scene and direct the extras. The 2nd AD also assists the 1st in scheduling, etc.

2nd 2nd ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (AD) –This person may also set background. The 2nd 2nd assists both the 1st and 2nd AD’s.

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT (PA) - The go-fers on the set. They work for the AD's.

Audition Tips for Bruneian Talents

A generic Audition Tips for Bruneian Talents eg; actors, actresses, models, singers, dancers, performance artists, musicians..etc..

On the phone with your Agent (skip this if you do not have an agent) but it is worthwhile to be prepared:
* WHO am I auditioning for? Casting Director? Director? Producer? Get names of contacts ahead of time, if possible.
* WHAT am I auditioning for?
Film? Is it a comedy or drama? Commercial? What is the product? (check conflicts)
* WHAT is my character?
Get written character description, if available.
* WHERE is the audition?
Always get address and directions even if you have auditioned for the casting person previously. Not only do offices move, but it is NOT uncommon for a callback to be in a different location than your initial audition.
* WHEN is the audition?
* WHEN is the shoot or shoot dates?
Check your calendar. Do not accept an audition if you are not available for the shoot. It is unprofessional and not appreciated.
* ASK if sides (or copy for commercials) are available ahead of time. Also ask if the whole script is available. ARRANGE TO GET WHATEVER IS AVAILABLE TO YOU!
In the Audition Lobby:
* Arrive 10 minutes prior to your audition appointment, the earlier the better.
* Sign-in with the casting assistant - Remember that today's assistant could be
tomorrow's casting director. Act accordingly!
* Check for changes in sides or script or copy. ALWAYS!
* Check # of headshots/resumes needed. Always have, at least, 5 copies with you.
* STAPLE HEADSHOT & RESUME BACK-TO-BACK NOW - Resumes should also be the same exact size as the headshot.
* Check for change in Shoot Date(s) - If you have conflicts that cannot be changed, you should decline the audition.
* Also check about Callback Audition Dates. Ask here. DO NOT ASK IN THE AUDITION ROOM!
* Quietly wait for your appt. Be courteous of surroundings.

In the Casting Room:

* BRING HEADSHOTS/RESUMES IN - Have them out & ready to hand over (not tucked in a briefcase, notebook, envelope, etc.).
* Quick greeting - No physical contact (handshake, hug, etc.) unless you are
approached first.
* Keep questions simple & specific - Do not be afraid to ask, but ask only what is necessary for the read itself. Never ask vague "What are you looking for" questions and DO NOT ASK "LOBBY" QUESTIONS about callbacks, shoot dates, etc.
* Read facing the reader for film & into the camera for commercials. Ask if unclear.
* Read scene.
* If asked to read again, LISTEN to direction, ask questions if necessary, make
* Quick thank you and exit.

Post Audition:

* Sign out quietly, remaining courteous of actors waiting to be seen.
* Follow up questions or updates should be asked to your agent if you have one. Represented talent should NOT call the casting office directly. If you do not have an agent, it is acceptable for independents to check in with the assistant who set the audition appointment, but please be mindful of the busy office and limit the number of calls.


Canon Enable Manual Exposure in Video on EOS 5D Mark II

Good news for Canon 5D mk2 owners in Brunei... Since I myself am a 5Dmk2 user, I know that this will be an advantage to those have an inclination to use the 5dmk2 as video camera as goes..cant wait!! Canon has announced a firmware update for its EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR enabling manual exposure when shooting videos. With the updated version, users will be able to manually adjust the shutter speed, aperture and ISO settings in the video mode. The new firmware will be available for download on 2 June 2009 from Canon's website here. Available 2nd June 2009

LONDON, UK, 27th May 2009: Canon announced today it will release a firmware update for the EOS 5D Mark II allowing users to manually control exposure when shooting video. The new firmware will be available for download from 2 June 2009 on Canon Europe’s support web site.
Following the launch of the EOS 5D Mark II in September 2008, Canon’s Research and Development team has listened closely to customer feedback to develop additions to the camera’s movie recording functionality.

Allowing EOS 5D Mark II owners to achieve even more stunning video results with the camera, the firmware update will include the following manual controls when shooting video:

  • Full aperture selection
  • ISO speed: Auto, 100 – 6400 and H1
  • Shutter speed: 1/30th – 1/4000th second

The EOS 5D Mark II integrates full HD movie capability into a high-end 21.1 Megapixel camera; opening a multitude of new possibilities for photojournalists and news photographers. Since its launch the camera has proved its appeal to professionals working in diverse fields, from studio and wedding to nature and travel. Now, following customer feedback, Canon has improved functionality for professional video users, further unleashing the potential of the EOS 5D Mark II for cinematographers and photographers alike.

Palm Jumeira for reference

SDS resource

Bruneian Cheated Of $1.9M By Conmen
By Azlan Othman

Bandar Seri Begawan - Indonesian national police on Monday announced the arrest of a group of alleged con artists said to have scammed Rupiah 20 billion (US$1.9 million) from a Brunei national by impersonating a representative of a prominent Indonesian political party and asking for a donation, Jakarta Globe reported.

The group, most of whom were from South Sulawesi, had been operating since 2006 and made their living by impersonating government officials. They would make phone calls to their victims and ask them to deposit money into various bank accounts.

"Thank God we were able to apprehend them now," Inspector General Hadiatmoko, deputy chief of the National Police's criminal investigation department, told a news conference. "We have arrested 13 suspects in different places since last week." The 13 were in custody in Jakarta, he said, adding that two others, including the alleged mastermind, were still at large.

Hadiatmoko said the group compiled information about high-profile figures from Indonesia and elsewhere via the Internet, newspapers and the White and Yellow Pages. "In their latest effort, for reasons related to the election, this group started to seek out other countries," he said.

"They called at least 32 foreigners, including the one from Brunei who transferred Rp 20 billion to their account at Bank Mandiri last month."

Hadiatmoko declined to name the Bruneian or the Indonesian official whom the group had impersonated.

Indonesian presidential spokesman Andi Mallarangeng said the government had told the public to beware of people identifyingthemselves as officials and asking for money."We'll be glad if all those people are arrested, because what they're doing is a crime," he said. "We already issued (warnings) to the public, and told them to beware and be careful if anyone calls from the (State Palace) asking for money."

Hadiatmoko said the group would open bank accounts under the names of public figures to convince victims they were legitimate. In one case, he said, they opened an account in the name of Director General of Customs Anwar Supriyadi.

"They made a fake (ID card) with Anwar's name to open the account," Hadiatmoko said. With this account, the victim would believe that it was Anwar who called asking them to transfer money. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

I, like many people here, am mystified about the Brunei government official allegedly giving away US$1.9 million to a group of Indonesian conman in Jakarta. If so, whose money was it? Is it government money or it came from somewhere else? But who really is this government man?

Here then is the Jakarta Globe story about this strange episode. See if you can make head or tale of it. Now read on:

Police to Question Brunei Citizen as Witness in Scam
By Farouk Arnaz
May 27, 2009

The National Police announced on Wednesday that a Brunei citizen would be questioned as a witness in connection with a scam investigation.

The police are seeking to determine the identity of a senior Brunei government official who reportedly transferred Rp 20 billion ($1.9 million) to a bank account set up by a group of Indonesian con artists.

"We will question [the Brunei citizen] as a witness," said Insp. Gen. Hadiatmoko, deputy chief of the National Police's criminal investigation unit.

However, he did not give the name of the witness or say if a summons had already been sent.

Last week, the police arrested a group of people who reportedly posed as representatives of a prominent local political party to solicit money from foreign and Indonesian officials.

The suspects allegedly compiled information about high-profile figures from Indonesia and elsewhere via the Internet, newspapers and the White and Yellow Pages. A member of the group reportedly posed as Andi Malarangeng, a presidential spokesman, to swindle the Brunei official and other victims.

Police officials said on Tuesday that they were unable to determine the sources of the funds because two suspects, including the alleged mastermind of the scam, were still at large.

Asked if the police would enlist the help of the Financial Transaction and Report Analysis Center (PPATK) to track down the sources of the money, Hadiatmoko said, "We have not decided yet."

PPATK spokesman Natsir Kongah told the Jakarta Globe the center was ready to assist the police in tracking the flow of money and identifying other victims of the scam.

"If the police ask for our help, we will be glad to help them," Natsir said, adding that the PPATK could track down suspicious financial transactions.

"If we find any suspicious accounts, we will make an analysis and report it to the police," he said, adding that it was legal for a foreign national to transfer Rp 20 billion to an Indonesian account.

Efforts to track down the victims may also be hampered by the fact that the suspects closed the bank accounts immediately after withdrawing the money.

The recovered, Hadiatmoko said, is now being held in a frozen bank account at a Bank Mandiri branch in Cempaka Putih, North Jakarta.

There have been rumors that the Brunei official involved was Sultan Halsanah Bolkiah, but Hadiatmoko said that there was no evidence to suggest the sultan's involvement.

Under election laws, political parties are not allowed to receive donations from foreign companies or individuals, and any such violation could result in their disqualification from elections.

"We will charge the suspects with the Anti-Money Laundering Law and Article 378 of the Criminal Code on using fake identification," Hadiatmoko said.

Violations carry a maximum jail sentence of six years each.

Production resources

Bah...ani untuk siapa kan belajar storuboarding which one of the understated skill in a production. I, myself, use this to 'materialise' the idea for the client/staff/people. So they can see/hear/read what I have in mind.
Download them here..Storyboard 1, 2 and 3.



Thank you for the success of ABM

It seems like 'somebody' is watching the drama and hopefully, with the help of dhask- attune studio, my 1st try on creating a song suitable for the drama's theme will be ok. It seems so too. So thank you and for those who are stalking Pg. Rokiah, let be reminded that it IS acting only. Pg. Rokiah is a great actress, she did it well in this drama to the point that she is being stalked, even when she goes to the restroom. Anyway, we have a big project coming and we need to have ones to fill the big shoes. If you have what it takes to be an actor/actress or trying to see whether you have the talent, email us at, our representative will contact you.

See you soon in SDS and PP.


ProHD to WebCast

quicktime pro h264 7000kbps mp4

Nightmare FX

Just an example of visual treatment and sounds that made the video effective. Nice? just don't be bother to see what camera he used. You see, we can say that he used a very expensive camera but then he used the light and cheap Canon HF100.

So when you use the SONY HD CineAlta but do not know how to use it, more or less what you shoot/do is pretty much useless..

See the video here, entitled Nightmare.

Casting Call Singapore

Default Casting Call for Zombie Flick (23rd and 24th of May)

From Ngee Ann Polytechnic - Film, Sound & Video. I'm doing our Advanced Film Production assignment and it's a Zombie Flick. We need a male lead, 6 Zombies and 10 ignorant public people, an artist (a guy who acts like one).

Details: No blood, gore. Just act really zombified (Zoned out, haggard, blur, blank etc.)

Ignorant Public:
Details: Ignorant. Zen. Unconcerned with the situation.

Details: Act like an artist (painter or sorts?). Tall & young (preferable 20+ yrs old). Hair MUST NOT be after-NS-shave kind of look.

Details for Male Lead:
•*Age: 25 - 35
•*Fitness: Fit. Good muscle tone.
•*Skin Tone: Light
•*Features: Strong, Sharp
•*Height: 1.7 Meters
•*Hair: Longish. But not a necessity.
•*Facial Hair: Somewhat bearded, neatly trimmed.

Acting Preferences:
•*Language: English
•*Experience: Theatre Background, or experience with Toastmasters.
•*Accustomed to Soliloquy

Shoot Dates: 23rd, 24th (BOTH FULL DAYS)
Time: TBC. If you're interested, tentatively leave both days free.
Location: Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Tentatively)

There will not be any form remuneration. However, we will be providing free meals and a copy of the film when it's done.

If you're interested, please send me a PM or send an email with the heading: Casting Call for Zombie Flick (Clubsnap Forum) at (Attn: Keenan).

Thank you!

The D90 DOF test

Its interesting that Nikon D90 is said to have the first DSLR to create the video here. What do you think? It is also interesting that they did not put a high iso video coming from the camera, unlike REVERIE.

But then the camera used in REVERIE is different. 2k-3k different.

Final Cut Pro Quick Tip #47

One of the best new features in Final Cut Pro V4.0 Final Cut Pro 5 is multicam editing. This handy feature allows those do multiple camera productions to gang the clips together to make editing a breeze. In this Final Cut Pro Quick Tip, we?ll quickly look at how it works.

Final Cut Pro 5 allows you to create a multiclip that can group up to 128 camera angles together and switch between them in real time. When working in this mode in the first thing you need to do is create a multiclip.

This is relatively easy to do by highlighting the clips in the Browser window, then right clicking and selecting Make Multiclip or Make Multiclip Sequence.

more info here

Casting Call Singapore



The Dragon Syndicate is still at its best in its game. The Dragon Master at an old age
still has his grip on power except on his failing health. When the Dragon Son
realizes that power and everything that goes with it is useless without being able to
live – possibly forever, and indeed the criminal underworld took notice that this
becomes the syndicate’s new business which will catapult it into the future of world

They only have one unexpected glitch to this perfect plan – Allen.
Allen is no police. He is no social or religious reformer either. He is not even
intelligent according to our standards. But once his fixation turned from his turtle pet
to Gigi, a woman syndicate member they crossed, the whole syndicate just couldn’t
help but say, “Stop!Allen”.

Shooting Dates:

June 22-27, 2009

Audition Dates:

May 15, 2009, Saturday, 3-6pm @ SAE Institute Singapore, 71 Bencoolen St.
#02-01 Singapore 189 643

Bus No: 64, 65, 139, NR6

Production Information:

Low/ no pay basis. Credits and DVD copy of the final film will be given as a small token of
appreciation to all the cast and crew. The final film will be submitted to the different film
festivals around the world. Food provided.

Contact Information:

Name: Jone Renier
Tel: 90669802

*Please contact via email or phone to arrange for a timing of auditions. If you are unable to
make it for the above dates but still interested in casting for the film, please email us too,
we may be able to arrange for a separate session.

Character Breakdown:

1. Gigi / early 20’s / Chinese
- To play as an undercover operative, attractive looking

2. Mr. Lim / 40’s / Chinese
- As Gigi’s father.

3. Ric / mid 20’s / any race
- As Gigi’s ex-lover, an undercover operative

4. Grandma / mid 60’s / Chinese
- To play as a loving, tolerant mother

5. Auntie / mid 50’s / any race
- As Allen Mother’s friend in the Hawker Centre

6. Dragon Son / mid 40’s / Chinese
- An innocent looking man, to play as the leader of his late father’s
Dragon Syndicate

7. Prince / 8 – 12 yrs. Old / Chinese
- To play as the son of Dragon Son

8. Hugo / mid 30’s / any race
- As Dragon Sons’ personal assistant

9. Dr. Darmo / 50’s / any race
- To play as Dragon Sons’ doctor/ experiments on organ transplant,
Thin man, any race.

10. Maid / 20’s
- Filipino maid

12. Inspector / mid 30’s / any race
- Head of police operatives

13. Operative 1 / mid 20’s / any race
- as police

14. Operative 2 / mid 20’s / any race
- as police

15. Rev / mid 20’s / Chinese
- Gang Leader, as a cool but vicious gang leader with motorbike

16. Yao / early 20’s / Malay
- As an extreme gangster look with motorbike

17. Ming / early 20’s / Indian
- As an extreme gangster look with motorbike

18. Teacher / mid 30’s / any race
- woman, knows about special children / autistic

19. Nicole / mid 20’s / any race
- as special child student

20. Guardian / mid 20’s / any race

21. Fat Gambling Boss / late 20’s / any race

22. Woman 1 / 20’s / any race
- Yao’s lover

23. Woman 2 / 20’s / any race
- Mings’ lover

24. Woman 3 / 20’s / any race
- Rev’s lover

25. Prostitution Lady Boss / late 20’s / any race

26. Homeless Old Man / mid 50’s / any race

* NOTE: Applicants with no prior acting experience may also apply.

Controlling the aperture of HD DSlr

Credit to Mr. Chuckles aka Mark Fong , we now have a choice of 4 different apertures.
1. The widest/lowest aperture of your lens eg 1.4, 1.8, 2.8
2. 5.6 or nearer in the case of f4
3. f16
4. f22

So here it is..

A quick demo of a reliable and sound method of manipulating the aperture for recording videos on the new Canon 5D Mark 2.

Update: as I mention in the video the lowest aperture my lens could get to was f/2.8. Some folks have mentioned that for lenses that could get below f/2.8 they have found that they can set it to f/2.0 and f/1.4 (I haven't verified this btw). I also have been able to record at f/8 but it is a tricky and wacky way to get it and you won't know you got it unless you do some still references.

If you have questions or comments, leave them here or you can reach me on or as "mrchuckles". I can also be reached at

The magic of Tilt Lens

With the advent of HD and the trickling down of technologies coming from professional equipments to consumers, it only takes a person with creativity to come up with something. The story.

Here the use of tilt lens nevertheless made the video entertaining and made you want to watch it over and over again.

So now, by having a couple of DLSR from both nikon and canon; D90, D5000 and 5Dmk2, 500d respectively, we can actually achieve this. Mind you THAT important extension of your eyes. The lens is as important as your story, but just get the story straight first, then we'll talk hehe.


Tilt lens video

Audition Guidelines example

Audition Guidelines

For Faculty Directed Productions

Auditions are open to all Bruneians. These guidelines are intended to provide you with important information as you consider your audition.

Prior to Auditions -- Find a copy of the script, read the play, and become familiar with the characters. Directors generally have scripts available and may provide a brief synopsis of available roles.

Dress and Appearance --

This is a job interview (of sorts) -- dress nicely.

· Select clothing that reinforces your confidence. It should be flattering and comfortable.

· Avoid bulky, loose clothing that might interfere with your movement and mask your physicallity.

· Wear comfortable, lightweight shoes rather than boots or athletic shoes.

· Your hair should be held back away from your face.

Initial Audition --

You will be asked to complete an audition form that includes past stage experience and your schedule. During your audition, the directors will be considering you in the context of the play being cast -- make the best first impression you can. The director will be listening to your vocal quality, assessing your stage presence and projection, and observing your movement. Be prepared to answer questions from the director.

Audition Material --

Students are encouraged to use a prepared monologue. Students may bring a rehearsed reading. Students without a monologue will be provided with one and given the opportunity to prepare briefly before their cold reading.

Prepared Monologue Guidelines


· Select a monologue from a modern, published play.

· Choose a character with whom you identify.

· It should be no longer than one minute in length.

· It should allow for vocal and emotional variety.

· It should allow for a variety of movement.

· Do not use self-written material; it generally does not give you an opportunity to portray a character and provides less dramatic impact than a proven play.

· Avoid excessive strong language and profanity.


· "Prepared" means rehearsed and fully memorized. If you do not have time to prepare the monologue completely, read it for your audition. Rehearse the reading as much as possible.

· Performance energy and stage presence are important.

· Incorporate gestures and facial expression.

· Motivated movement during the audition is desirable.

· Avoid using chairs and other props.

· Avoid sitting or kneeling on the stage.

· Use standard Language. Avoid accents and dialects, unless requested

Callbacks --

The director will use this opportunity to have auditionees read scenes from the play being cast. Directors callback auditionees based on the information from the audition form and on observations from the audition including but not limited to:

· Availability and compatibility of schedule.

· Past experiences with particular attention to those at Appalachian.

· Vocal and physical characteristics.

· Stage presence and projection.

· Appropriateness for the character being cast.

· Willingness to grow, cut, or dye hair.

Casting --

This is a highly subjective process involving artistic choices that are influenced by many factors including but not limited to:

· The factors listed above under Callbacks

· Compatibility with the ensemble in terms of physicality and interpersonal "chemistry."

· Demonstrated ability to take direction during callbacks.

· The artistic judgment of the director.

If you are not cast, please consider the number of factors that led to the director's decision. Everyone who has ever auditioned, including most directors, knows the anxiety of auditioning and the pain of not being cast. In an academic environment, most directors are willing to discuss their casting decisions with you.

The moon shot