MMQ Mediaworks Brunei in brief


MMQ Mediaworks Brunei ( MMQ ) is the first PROFESSIONAL Bruneian media production house incorporated and locally owned with partners in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. MMQ Mediaworks Brunei was set up in January 2004 by a group of broadcasting specialists who have a substantial amount of professional experience areas in media (television and radio) productions since 1998:

We specialize in:

-Programme conceptualization

-TV and Radio programme productions

-TV and Radio advertisement

-Creative consultancy

-Marketing and brand development

-Pre and post production services

-Digital photography and videography services

-Programme research and development

-Talents training

The experience of the team and of MMQ Mediaworks Brunei’s partners extends to setting up and operating media entities across the globe.

We hope to show you the best of Brunei.

Please contact us for further details. We strive to entertain your enquiries and fulfill your requirements.

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