Sponsorship Letter - An Example

Dear [CEO…or CMO…or Chief of Corporate Philanthropy…or the person who makes things happen].

[Your esteemed company name here]

[explain background of things-example here is concert of band]
[Every so often an opportunity comes along that helps advance your brand and your products in a unique and noteworthy way. Affiliating your company with the 15th anniversary of the Rock Bottom Remainders—a group of reasonably good musicians who are better known for writing best-selling books—is just such an opportunity.
The Rock Bottom Remainders is the world's best-selling band. Okay, maybe not for CDs or albums, but they have penned more than 200 books and sold more than 200 million copies in 25 languages. Sure, they have no Grammy® nominations, no recording contract and no music videos, but their Web site has more than 159,000 hits on Google.
Their 15th anniversary concert, the Still Younger Than Keith Tour, will take place June 1st in New York City. Joining them as guest musician will be Roger McGuinn, renowned member of the Byrds. To promote this special, one-night-only event, the band will perform May 31st on Good Morning America. We expect lots of media attention, as has been the case whenever the Remainders get together.]
As Presenting Sponsor, you will also receive the following media exposures:
Logo prominently featured in or on…
* All newspaper ads and print ads (designated as "Presenting Sponsor”).
* Special post cards mailed to all 28,000 attendees of the 2009 [main event], May 31-June 2 (designated as "Presenting Sponsor”).
* Stage backdrop, which will have the [group] logo followed by "Still Younger Than Keith Tour Presented by [your company logo here].
* [name] Web site home page.
* Special anniversary blog countdown to the event on which members of the [group] will banter for 30 days.
* Main page of online auction featuring concert tickets, art, autographed books and various other priceless items.
* Posters promoting the event.
* Back of hat specially made for the 15th anniversary, and to be sold at the event.
* Your logos on the [name] Web site can link directly to your website or dedicated jump page on the [name] Web site with your specific sponsor message.
Other brand exposures include…
* May 31st Rampai Pagi on [tv channel name/programme here], on which the Remainders have been invited to perform.
* Your choice of back cover, inside cover or two-page spread in keepsake tribute book distributed to 1,800 event attendees.
* Named in press releases issued after sponsor commitment.
* Opportunity to hang banner at concert venue.
* Opportunity for information/literature giveaway.
* Included in full-page ad in Borneo Bulletin and Brunei Times in pre-convention issue.
Wait, there’s more! You also get…
* Eight signed limited-edition lithographs of the band by two-time Pulitzer-winning cartoonist, Isa Ryan. These are signed by all in the band.
* One-of-a-kind [your thing] signed by all members of [group]
* Allocation of tickets—30 pair of VIP tickets and 60 general admission.

All sponsorship funds are tax deductible to the extent allowed by the Brunei Government. Funds are received by the Remainders Foundation, a charitable services fund at the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) and disbursed to the three causes the band is supporting.

Talk to us, and go on gently,

your company name here
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