ABM Production...day15

So far so good. Everything went ahead of schedule, except for our need to use the Steadicam and microDolly which we planned on using in 2009. Anyways, it seems like our effort to combine senior and junior talents for the production blossomed. All fit together like a family. Thats good. Well, people usually give their best when they are happy and here at MMQ, we take care of our talents welfare. You take care of us, we take care of you. Well, empire location...what can i say, as the only 6 star hotel and country club in Brunei, who can blame you for having the feeling of being whisked away abroad.

Our sincerest thanks to Empire...you are truly the diamond among gems. To experience the empire hotel and country club in Brunei...go here.

Success to ABM and the empire..so now to shariff of attune....where is the sens? ;-p. i am waiting.
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