The cube is shipping..HD revolution!!

The production units are substantially better than where we started with the Beta units. Based on the feedback we had from Beta testing we made several important changes. Here are some highlights:
  • New WiFi Radio – we ended up opting for a more expensive, harder to find, but well worth it WiFi Radio with longer range,and practically no frame drops. 3rd party testers said “90% better video quality at long range”. If you liked the last one, you’ll be blown away.
  • Lemo power connectors - the terminal block was a wimpy mistake.
  • More compact antennaless obtrusive, same performance.
  • Analog Audio input – for those using external mics, that does not embed in HDMI/HD-SDI. Embedded still fully supported.
  • Audio / Video / Power cable repositioned – to all be on one side
  • Several software updates to make WiFi more stable, and video dropouts far less.
  • Simplified Web UI and s/w configurationmy mother in law got it working.
  • Reduced latency - independent testers pegged it at 5 frames. iPad app still in process, so mobile Safari still has several seconds buffering.
  • Anti-Rotation lock – on hot shoe mount
  • Many other tweaks we would love to share with you.

Lead time is around 10 days right now, until we sell out of existing stock. Please order now to avoid disappointment, we will only get stock again in 6-8 weeks.

To all the Beta testers : thanks for your valuable inputs so far, if you haven’t yet, you need to complete the online results form.

Welcome to The Cube™ Revolution !

blue leader, out !

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