MMQ Services 2009

MMQ Mediaworks Brunei welcomes any enquiries. Email us at or call us +6738191455

- Television programmes - (Drama, Lifestyle, Reality, Documentary)
- Feature Films
- Music Videos
- Corporate Videos
- Training and Instructional Videos

In the production, workflow protocols are followed to ensure quality results, assuring you of our utmost and personalized attention, ONLY at MMQ Mediaworks Brunei.

What is Pre-Production?

Pre-production is the planning and brainstorming process, and can be considered the backbone of the entire project as many important decisions determining the end-product will be deliberated.

We know that planning for a video production might seem to be a daunting task for many, and that is where our producers can step in and help lift the load from your shoulders. Our producers will advise you on the creative as well as technical aspects of the project.

What is Production?

Once the budget and direction of the project have been set, our
producers will put together an experienced team of production crew.

From start to finish, our producers will supervise the quality and
efficiency of the crew involved in the production to ensure that the
highest standards possible are practiced and maintained.

What is Post Production?

During post-production, the editors, colorists, sound engineers, and technical supervisors work together to ascertain the quality of the deliverables to the client. Our 3-dimensional animators can provide graphics and animation for video effects, product visualizations, and design visualization and walkthroughs to enhance your video.

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