We hear you..Calls For An Art Centre For Local Artistes

To Awg Sagap and Norizan, please email me. I need to hear and help more of our veteran talents for our future projects. Thanks Norizan.

Awang Sagap Calls For An Art Centre For Local Artistes- By Norizan Murshid
Bandar Seri Begawan - Awang Sagap, whose real name is Hj Mat Noor Matussin, 65, has always been interested in writing and acting since his school days. Well-known for his acting career, Awang Sagap has acted in many TV dramas, sitcoms, musical dramas, heavy dramas and children programs, as well as radio dramas.
In an interview with the Bulletin, Hj Mat Noor said he began his acting career with Radio Television Brunei in 1970, before getting into stage performances.
Some of the TV dramas he took part in included "Serba Sabah", "Dua Kali Lima", "Gadik Kastari", "Tukar Angin", "Salah Sangka", "Surya Di Kaki Desa", "Liau Budin", "Ulat Buhl Buntal", "Biang Keladi" and several Had Raya special programmes. He also acted in "Puncak Pertama", "Tamu", "Asam
Garam" and "Langkah". HI Mat Noor has also acted with well-known artistes from Malaysia like Aziz Satar (Datuk), Mahmud Ali Bashah, Norseha and many more.
He hopes that RTB will not forget veteran artistes and invite them to take part in local dramas. Hj Mat Noor also hopes that one day the Government of His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam will set up an art centre where young and veteran artistes can train to become professional artistes.
He has a son, Charma Hj Mat Noor, who is an actor himself.
Besides acting, writing is his other passion. Hj Mat Noor's writings are not only published in local newspapers but also in Sabah Times, Bintang Harian, Majalah URTV (Kuala Lumpur) Majalah Wanita and Berita Harian.
He was a teacher at SMMA, Seria in 1960, as well as a clerk, customs officer, chief clerk and assistant administration. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin
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