RTB history and future according to the director

25 Years On, RTB Still Growing Strong
By Rohani Hj Abd Hamid

Bandar Seri Begawan - RTB (Radio Televisyen Brunei) has gone through many changes over the years, especially after Brunei Darussalam gained its independence in 1984. Twenty-five years on, RTB continues to grow strong. RTB's Acting Director, Awg Haji Mahrub bin Hj Morni, recently spoke with the Bulletin about the history of the state-run radio and television service.

In 1957, Brunei Radio was the only broadcast channel in the country. Nasional Radio Brunei, Pilihan Radio Brunei, Harmoni Radio Brunei, Nur Islam Radio Brunei and Pelangi Radio Brunei are among the radio broadcasting centres that constitute part of the RTB network.

RTB, which was formed in 1975, currently has three television channels namely RTBI, RTB2 and RTB3 (is it RTB International of RTB3? We’re confuse?)(a 24-hour international channel that can be viewed across Asia and some countries in the Middle East).

Besides broadcasting local news, RTB has also collaborated with various international broadcasters including Asia Vision, Euro Vision and Commonwealth Association.

Besides aiming to be a leading coordinator for Asean news exchanges, RTB is also committed to developing local talents in the field of arts and culture (by running competition? How about following up AFTER the competition?)

Once RTB's new building at Sungai Akar is fully operational by 2012, the state-run radio and television service hopes to be at par with its international counterparts.

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