Audio as well as visual stimuli

I think the advertisement industry in Brunei needs an update. Usually its just straight forward B rolls and names of agency/product/brand/model face 'plastered' through out the video.

I think its time that we realize, in Brunei at least, that we can mix the ad with other elements, be it humorous, suspense or even cinematic rather than the normal "usual" ad template.

Remember the 10 secs rule? why not we make it 5 secs since the airtime is pricey.

I saw a family advert which I thought was about medicine or insurance or something like that. It was in fact a community service ad coming from the FocusOnTheFamily Agency.

The ad begins with a sombre note of death of a family member. Wife of the deceased talked about farts and snoring sounds rather than the usual good/bad memories of the deceased. There were no music at first. As soon as she finishes her speech and started talking about family, then a slow string of melodies (violins) fade in.

It was a good ad. I know that most people will see it as a simple ad. But for me, that what makes a great ad GREAT. A good ad need not be of explosions, slapstick comedies, huge set and grand special FX. What matter was the message. Of course different product needs different treatment. Its the human factor and simplicity of it all that counts. However in my mind, sometimes an ad is so simple, how come the client needs to pay vast amount of money to have it made?. They can come see me!!

Well, maybe thats what separates a good ad agency and a good ad agency. Many factors come into play.

As for me, I still like the LEARN English ad. Where an innocent looking family listen to a vulgar English song and enjoyed it. They dont understand the English lyrics. Google for ; banned commercial. You know what i mean.

Just my rant for today.

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