Interesting rates coming from Singapore

Somebody asked me about how should he rate by editing 20 plus minute worth of video. In Brunei, I usually look at what RTB rates are and calculate for that. With a pinch of salt, I told him that by industry standard for broadcast & tv work, you should be paid about >$100 per hour of time worked if you are using your own facility.

By corporate video standards, you are probably paid about >$60 per hour of time worked if you're using your own facility.

By current wedding video standards, probably $20 per hour of time work?

By home video or amateur video standards, you're probably not paid anything for your hard work.

Quote based on how much do you think your time is worth and how long do you plan to return the investment of your software and these economic times, clients will always go for the lowest, and there's always a next lowest bidder dying for that job.
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