The human factor in ads

Petronas. the famous national oil company of malaysia. its been years that when they make a tv ad, they usually relate to simplest theme that invoke your emotions. The last ad that watched was the burung murai ad. This year..its the color blind ad for the national day.

I wish i know who made it but i assume they're the ones that they have engaged before for the previous ads. oh! wait!! its yasmin ahmad!! i think she was the director for 'muallaf' which was banned i think in Malaysia and I think she is the one that is behind the family ad in Singapore as well.

Bravo!! bellissima!! Yasmin Ahmad.

More on the color blind ad is here and here and one of her work is here. I love the ad.

Coming back to the human factor. We are all so engross in technology and life now, we tend to forget what matters.

And oh! btw, MMQ's upcoming project will be on soon. The thinking started more than 5 years ago which more than what Yasmin has done/did. So its gonna be a Bruneian Original. Watch this space.
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