Audition Tips for Bruneian Talents

A generic Audition Tips for Bruneian Talents eg; actors, actresses, models, singers, dancers, performance artists, musicians..etc..

On the phone with your Agent (skip this if you do not have an agent) but it is worthwhile to be prepared:
* WHO am I auditioning for? Casting Director? Director? Producer? Get names of contacts ahead of time, if possible.
* WHAT am I auditioning for?
Film? Is it a comedy or drama? Commercial? What is the product? (check conflicts)
* WHAT is my character?
Get written character description, if available.
* WHERE is the audition?
Always get address and directions even if you have auditioned for the casting person previously. Not only do offices move, but it is NOT uncommon for a callback to be in a different location than your initial audition.
* WHEN is the audition?
* WHEN is the shoot or shoot dates?
Check your calendar. Do not accept an audition if you are not available for the shoot. It is unprofessional and not appreciated.
* ASK if sides (or copy for commercials) are available ahead of time. Also ask if the whole script is available. ARRANGE TO GET WHATEVER IS AVAILABLE TO YOU!
In the Audition Lobby:
* Arrive 10 minutes prior to your audition appointment, the earlier the better.
* Sign-in with the casting assistant - Remember that today's assistant could be
tomorrow's casting director. Act accordingly!
* Check for changes in sides or script or copy. ALWAYS!
* Check # of headshots/resumes needed. Always have, at least, 5 copies with you.
* STAPLE HEADSHOT & RESUME BACK-TO-BACK NOW - Resumes should also be the same exact size as the headshot.
* Check for change in Shoot Date(s) - If you have conflicts that cannot be changed, you should decline the audition.
* Also check about Callback Audition Dates. Ask here. DO NOT ASK IN THE AUDITION ROOM!
* Quietly wait for your appt. Be courteous of surroundings.

In the Casting Room:

* BRING HEADSHOTS/RESUMES IN - Have them out & ready to hand over (not tucked in a briefcase, notebook, envelope, etc.).
* Quick greeting - No physical contact (handshake, hug, etc.) unless you are
approached first.
* Keep questions simple & specific - Do not be afraid to ask, but ask only what is necessary for the read itself. Never ask vague "What are you looking for" questions and DO NOT ASK "LOBBY" QUESTIONS about callbacks, shoot dates, etc.
* Read facing the reader for film & into the camera for commercials. Ask if unclear.
* Read scene.
* If asked to read again, LISTEN to direction, ask questions if necessary, make
* Quick thank you and exit.

Post Audition:

* Sign out quietly, remaining courteous of actors waiting to be seen.
* Follow up questions or updates should be asked to your agent if you have one. Represented talent should NOT call the casting office directly. If you do not have an agent, it is acceptable for independents to check in with the assistant who set the audition appointment, but please be mindful of the busy office and limit the number of calls.

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