Helpful Terminology

CALL TIME - This is the time you are to report for work. You should be in the holding area at this time for check-in.

HOLDING AREA - This is where the extras report for work. Anytime you are not actually working on the set, you must be in the holding area. Please do not make it necessary for
the AD's to go looking for you when they might need you. You could miss your opportunity
in front of the camera.

BASE CAMP - This is where the cast and crew report for work. Basecamp is easily recognized (not in Brunei tho) by the massive trucks and trailers and equipment moving about. Please stay clear of this area.

THE SET or LOCATION - This is where that actual filming will be taking place.

BACKGROUND or EXTRAS or ATMOSPHERE - This is you! A background performer or extra does not speak lines alone. Extras can make crowd noises or be singing in a group, but cannot be scripted.

PANTOMIME or MIME - To act with only facial and bodily movements.

FEATURED EXTRA or SPECIAL EXTRA or SILENT BIT - May be used to describe an extra in a scene who is very recognizable on camera as a character or someone who is interacting directly with a primary actor, but still does not speak.

"QUIET!" - Means quiet. Whenever you are on the set there should be no talking. If you must talk to a production assistant or assistant director, please whisper and only if it is absolutely necessary.

"PICTURE'S UP!" or "STAND BY!" - Means everyone - even crew - must be absolutely quiet, we are about to roll.

"ROLLING!" - Means film is rolling; we are shooting.

"ACTION!" - This cue is usually for the primary actors or "stars" to begin the scene.

"BACKGROUND ACTION!" or sometimes, simplified to "BACKGROUND!" - This is the cue for the extras. Most of the time it will be called immediately before the actors get their "action" cue.

"CUT!" - We have stopped shooting. Wait where you are; where you ended the scene for further instructions.

"BACK TO ONE" or "FIRST POSITION" - The AD is now asking everyone to return to the point where they began the scene; their first position. We will be doing another take. Remember you should do exactly the same thing for each take unless an AD asks you specifically to change something.

"NEW DEAL" - We are ready to move on to another scene or set up. Wait for instructions. You will most likely be directed back to the holding area, but it could be that you need to change your wardrobe for another scene.

1st ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (AD) - The person running the set; keeping the crew, the actors, and the director on schedule. The 1st AD works closest to the director.

2nd ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (AD) - The person to set up the background in the scene and direct the extras. The 2nd AD also assists the 1st in scheduling, etc.

2nd 2nd ASSISTANT DIRECTOR (AD) –This person may also set background. The 2nd 2nd assists both the 1st and 2nd AD’s.

PRODUCTION ASSISTANT (PA) - The go-fers on the set. They work for the AD's.

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