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The Dragon Syndicate is still at its best in its game. The Dragon Master at an old age
still has his grip on power except on his failing health. When the Dragon Son
realizes that power and everything that goes with it is useless without being able to
live – possibly forever, and indeed the criminal underworld took notice that this
becomes the syndicate’s new business which will catapult it into the future of world

They only have one unexpected glitch to this perfect plan – Allen.
Allen is no police. He is no social or religious reformer either. He is not even
intelligent according to our standards. But once his fixation turned from his turtle pet
to Gigi, a woman syndicate member they crossed, the whole syndicate just couldn’t
help but say, “Stop!Allen”.

Shooting Dates:

June 22-27, 2009

Audition Dates:

May 15, 2009, Saturday, 3-6pm @ SAE Institute Singapore, 71 Bencoolen St.
#02-01 Singapore 189 643

Bus No: 64, 65, 139, NR6

Production Information:

Low/ no pay basis. Credits and DVD copy of the final film will be given as a small token of
appreciation to all the cast and crew. The final film will be submitted to the different film
festivals around the world. Food provided.

Contact Information:

Name: Jone Renier
Tel: 90669802

*Please contact via email or phone to arrange for a timing of auditions. If you are unable to
make it for the above dates but still interested in casting for the film, please email us too,
we may be able to arrange for a separate session.

Character Breakdown:

1. Gigi / early 20’s / Chinese
- To play as an undercover operative, attractive looking

2. Mr. Lim / 40’s / Chinese
- As Gigi’s father.

3. Ric / mid 20’s / any race
- As Gigi’s ex-lover, an undercover operative

4. Grandma / mid 60’s / Chinese
- To play as a loving, tolerant mother

5. Auntie / mid 50’s / any race
- As Allen Mother’s friend in the Hawker Centre

6. Dragon Son / mid 40’s / Chinese
- An innocent looking man, to play as the leader of his late father’s
Dragon Syndicate

7. Prince / 8 – 12 yrs. Old / Chinese
- To play as the son of Dragon Son

8. Hugo / mid 30’s / any race
- As Dragon Sons’ personal assistant

9. Dr. Darmo / 50’s / any race
- To play as Dragon Sons’ doctor/ experiments on organ transplant,
Thin man, any race.

10. Maid / 20’s
- Filipino maid

12. Inspector / mid 30’s / any race
- Head of police operatives

13. Operative 1 / mid 20’s / any race
- as police

14. Operative 2 / mid 20’s / any race
- as police

15. Rev / mid 20’s / Chinese
- Gang Leader, as a cool but vicious gang leader with motorbike

16. Yao / early 20’s / Malay
- As an extreme gangster look with motorbike

17. Ming / early 20’s / Indian
- As an extreme gangster look with motorbike

18. Teacher / mid 30’s / any race
- woman, knows about special children / autistic

19. Nicole / mid 20’s / any race
- as special child student

20. Guardian / mid 20’s / any race

21. Fat Gambling Boss / late 20’s / any race

22. Woman 1 / 20’s / any race
- Yao’s lover

23. Woman 2 / 20’s / any race
- Mings’ lover

24. Woman 3 / 20’s / any race
- Rev’s lover

25. Prostitution Lady Boss / late 20’s / any race

26. Homeless Old Man / mid 50’s / any race

* NOTE: Applicants with no prior acting experience may also apply.
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