Broadcast Asia 2009 update

Finally we made it to BroadcastAsia 2009, as usual the Singapore Expo venue was at Hall 7 and 8. Held concurrently with CommunicAsia, EnterpriseIT and iGov. Its unfortunate that the registration was a bit confusing with people coming from the Expo MRT and the 'unofficial' taxi stand near the mrt would be lost and 'guided' to Hall 3 or 4.

Anyway, we managed to talk to a lot of people and met some new friends and business associates. I was looking forward to seeing the Sony, Apple and other big honcho's booths. Panasonic was having a blast being the only brand that showcased new cams for their P2 lineup and putting up the global customer list including RTB of Brunei :*).

I talked to one the Panasonic technical engineer, coming from Thailand and he courteously guided me through the smaller 152, 172, 202 and the larger Varicam. Its interesting to see his 'view' about the complexity of Panasonic's approach to codec and sensor technology. Unfortunately, small production house will feel the heat as the HD technology has not mature in a sense that Sony has their proprietry codec and media ; XDCAM EX Long GOP and SxS and the Panasonic with their P2. Please be reminded that even Philip of the UK mentioned that p2HD is quitely costly, not just the media but also the amount of data contained in their AVCHD 100mbps. 1GB per minute?!!! wow! here in Singapore the 32GB p2 card costs around SGD1150.

Anyway, let us be realistic. What matters most is the quality of your programming. A culmination of creative, intelligent, purposeful and enjoyable watch. with the targeted audience in mind. Here its the MAN/BRAIN behind the cam is important. I have come across many an instance where the most expensive equipment is used by an unskilled and uncreative individual. I hope you know what I mean. The same goes with photography. It is simply not the camera.

Apologies for not putting the caption for the pictures. Some pictures are not posted for security reasons hehe..Will be updating them soon.

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