Problems with Zacuto Z-Finder

It seems like somebody has problems with the Zacuto Z-Finder here. Fogging it seems being one same problem we have when we use our viewfinder.hmm..interesting. Zacuto did'nt mention this of course. So unless the fogging problem is solved, I would rather look somewhere else for now. the Zacuto is too expensive for a viewfinder, not to mention soon there will be a better stabilizer solution for the Canon.

Besides, since it costs USD395, it should'nt be having the fogging problem in the 1st place dont you think? Like to hear from Steve about this. The picture above is the prototype version 2 tho. Maybe they got the solution for the v2, but since its a prototype, we'll never know.

Somebody DID make a cheaper version for USD199 and even USD170!
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