National Casting Call - Developing Brunei Talent Industry

Bandar Seri Begawan-- June 13, 2009 – Got Talent? Bruneians certainly have talents in the broadcasting industry, be in music, acting, singing, dancing, and the performance arts. However most of the talents are either not listed in a database or simply hope that competition organizers will be their ‘agent’ for a career follow-up.

With the support of Radio Televisyen Brunei, MMQ Mediaworks is planning to establish a database record for all talents, especially in the broadcasting industry to simplify talent searches and publicize local talents to the world.

If you have the talents for acting and TV hosting, MMQ Mediaworks like to hear from you. MMQ Mediaworks is looking for actors and actresses of all ages and race, shapes and sizes. All are welcome to register and stand a chance to be involved in MMQ Mediaworks upcoming projects. One of the talents already registered is Hj. Mahathir, the former Brunei Siuk presenter who are now training new hosts and presenters at MMQ Mediaworks.

MMQ Mediaworks specializes in Televisyen and Radio programme production as well as broadcast training behind the camera like video editing, screenwriting, script writing among others.

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