A good video done by a Bruneian?

I believe that Brunei has many talents that surpasses many. Unfortunately, they have yet to be discovered. Even if they are discovered, there no follow ups from relevant agencies (if you know whom Im talking about), I just wish we can be a more culturally open and creative society. The Brunei Art Forum is there, what else? hmm..

Anyway, this rant is to support one of the Talents that I've come across in Vimeo. I think he is Bruneian, but then I saw admiralty etc..then maybe he is HALF Bruneian? I dont know

See his video here..

Another one was done using 3D software and frankly I know that his work is worth more than the competition he's participated in. I hope to hear from him soon. Will be linking his video soon.

From Afar
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